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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. right now a local manhunt continues after a string of ab ducks and robberies. -- abductions and robberies. so how easy is it to sneak up on holiday shoppers. we'll test it out. plus, claim your cash. millions of dollars are waiting to be claimed. just watch for your name all through the newscast. big deal. i might not be alive. but first tonight, a local woman in a troubling dispute with an airline over her incurable cancer. this is 9news now. and tonight we begin with a dispute over an airline ticket refund. simple, right. >> it's being requested by a woman with terminal cancer. the dream family trip is being cancelled because of her disease and the airline won't give them money back. our ken molestina live is night at bwi airport with a story you'll only see on 9. ken. >> reporter: that's right. the mccain familyd be leaving here in route to belize, the dream vacation. that trip was slated for january 21st. but now the family isn't going
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anywhere because of an unforeseen circumstance and they're out $4,200. these days the closest lynne mccain will get to her dream vacation is through pictures. her doctor has ordered she doesn't travel and undergo immediate cancer treatment. >> i have stage four breast cancer. it's uncurable. >> reporter: it's the second time she gets diagnosed with it. after she was treated the first time and was give the all clear earlier this year, her family planned the trip to belize. they booked five round trip tickets on u.s. airways totaling $4,200. they bought the non-refundable ticket and now that the trip has to be cancelled they're not bending. >> it's a human thing to do, a compassionate thing to do. >> reporter: a spokesperson says we do not offer refund on non-refundable tickets but we'll work with her to make sure she can use her ticket at another time. >> big deal. i might not be alive. what good is it going to do? what good is a voucher going to do me.
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>> reporter: she has sent letters and medical documents to the airline as proof of her disease and inability to travel. she says it's done little to help her cause. and now as she undergoes chemotherapy for her rapidly spreading breast cancer, she is hoping the airline will make an exception for her and refund the money. in the meantime, she's left with memories of previous trips hoping one day she may be given the chance to do it again. >> i would like nothing more and i hope before i die i can sit on a beautiful beach. that's all -- that's one of the few things i want. >> reporter: and throughout the eek, i evening, i have been exchanging e-mails. in the last e-mail she said we have offered to make the vouchers transferable so a family member may use them. so, once again, the airline judging by this still sticking to their policy and refusing to give that family the refund that they're asking for. we're live at bwi, ken molestina, 9news now. new at 11:00, we are hearing from the woman who claims she
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has been having an affair with herman cain. ginger white claims her 13-year relationship with the gop presidential hopeful ended about eight months ago. white says she knew cain was married and consensual. she had documentation showing cain flew her to various cities, stayed with her in expensive hotels and gave her gifts. >> i have acknowledged i have known her for that period of time. but the accusation i had a 13-year affair with her, no. >> i was aware he was married and i was also aware i was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship. >> although white says she thought the relationship was fun at the time, she decided to speak publicly after she saw cain demonize other women. she has 66 calls made from cain.
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cain says the calls were made because he was trying to help this woman out financially. well, tonight police think this is the man wanted for abducting and robbing three men in montgomery county. he is targeting shoppers busy putting their bags into their cars. well, tonight we wanted to see just how aware other people are when they're leaving the store. we sent our delia gongalves to find out. she is live in wheaton with the warning for all you christmas shoppers out there. delia. >> reporter: that's right, derek. you know, e robbery victims may have all been elderly men, but women, even the young, should all be alert, especially since we are now in holiday shopping season. we approached unsuspecting shoppers inside this dark parking lot just blocks away from where police say this man caught on target surveillance camera abducted and then robbed three people. you appear to be a little unaware that i was nearby. >> well, i guess not. once you're in here, you sort of feel like you're okay.
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>> reporter: but when i walked up to margaret upton's car, she quickly walked away and then locked her door. >> it appeared like i was lurking, i was. did you notice i locked my car? >> reporter: this mom acts quickly. something she learned while getting her black belt. >> marschall arts training they teach you to be more aware and i have two children. >> reporter: april oconnor saw me immediately. >> it's definitely scary when you're alone. i usually don't come to the grocery store at night. >> reporter: but the three kidnappings all occurred in the middle of the afternoon and are becoming increasingly more violent. they're terrorized for hours and forced to withdraw money from local atms. police are asking we become more vigilant. >> especially with the holiday, people are more friendlier to each other so they might be more apt to talk to a stranger that
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they wouldn't. you can be friendly, but never let your guard down. >> reporter: be safe, sir. as investigators work to get this man off the street. now, the three attacks happened on a property of the westfield mall, and we've noticed since some stepped up security. but when i called the representative tonight to get details as to exactly what they're doing to keep shoppers safe, no one ever called me back. police are asking anyone who has information on the suspect to call them right away. we're live in wheaton tonight, delia gongalves, 9news now. >> thanks, delia. the 26-year-old police are calling a one woman crime spree has apparently struck again. police say stephanie schwab is now wanted for attempted carjacking in baltimore county. they say she stopped a driver on thanksgiving day at a safe way parking lot. the female driver fought back and was stabbed in the hand during the scuffle. her attacker ran away. schwab is also wanted for two bank robberies in northern virginia. these are surveillance photos from one of those crimes in
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fairfax county. she is also suspected in an armed carjacking that happened in the tyson parking lot. he described himself as christ like and the president as the anti-christ. but the accused white house shooter is competent to stand trial. after a 50-minute screening, the doctor concluded oscar hernandez can understand what is going on in the courtroom. but prosecutors today asked a magistrate to order a more thorough psychiatric workup for this man who fired nine rounds at the white house earlier this month. three stabbed, two shot, one killed after a bloody weekend in dc. they're reexamining what goes on when restaurants turn into night clubs. police say the fight broke out inside the heritage india restaurant in dupont circle and spilled out on to connecticut avenue early on sunday morning. three people were stabbed, three
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others shot, including 34-year-old jhonte coleman. they're asking to help for security on the nights the clubs are open. >> security personnel in clubs are not police officers. they still can get assault charges and they still can get seriously injured without the proper weapons and tools. >> businesses in georgetown and at adam's morgan already pay for extra police patrols outside of their establishments. it is against the law in dc for the police to work inside clubs as security guards when they're off duty. so far no arrests have been made in the stabbings or the shootings. investigators are now reviewing surveillance video from outside and inside the club as well as the neighboring businesses. well, by this time tomorrow night, the man accused in the disappearance of a woman in aruba could be right back at his home in gaithersburg. gary giordano has been behind bars since august 5th. he is the man suspected in the
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disappearance of robyn gardner. giordano says the woman was simply swept out to sea while they were out snorkeling together. her body was never found. prosecutors can appeal the decision, but he would have to be extradited back to aruba after he leaves there. anita. if allegations of child abuse wasn't enough, he says he had a sexual relationship with the abuser's wife. they have fired assistant basketball coach bernie fine as a result of the scandal. one of the victims abuses fine of repeatedly molesting him as a child in the coach's home, at syracuse and on basketball road trips. davis claims he had a sexual relationship with fine's wife when he was 18. he says she knew about the alleged molestation and recorded the conversation where she acknowledges her husband's alleged sexual abuse. >> he is in denial. i think the things that he did
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he somehow through his own mental telepathy is denying it. >> there is another one. he has some credibility issues. he, himself, faces sexual assault charges in maine and his father says he is lying about fine. now, fine denies all of the allegations. he has not been charged with any crimes at this point. an 8-year-old boy in ohio is now in foster care because county officials say his mom wasn't doing enough to control his weight. they took the 200-pound third grader from his family last month. the county views the mother as medically negligent because she cannot control his weight. she claims she wants her child to slim down but says it's just not that easy. state officials say it's the first case in which a child was put in foster care because of weight alone. a judge will have the final say
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next month. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. 71 today and still mild and breezy outside. here is your wakeup weather. you need your umbrella tomorrow. probably get away without a coat, though. 55-60 at 5:00 and 7:00 with light showers. heavier activity from mid to late morning. we'll come back. we'll tell you when you're going to need your top coat and if we're going to have a wet commute on the way home. still ahead tonight. >> i was planning each day. >> suffering from cancer, she needs a certain drug. >> it's a drug that may never reach her in time. one woman's qwest for a life line. that is coming up.
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. >> hi, i'm colonel ed johnson.
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i would like to say hi to my family in vienna, virginia. in our health alert in resent months, we have been telling you about mounting drug shortages across the nation. the fda says the problem is getting worse. tonight, we hear from a maryland woman who is affected firsthand and running out of hope. >> reporter: 43-year-old sherry dunn is battg ovarian cancer that is spreading. there is say tumor by her left kidney and other suspicious spots on her bladder and intestines. the best chemotherapy for her is doxil, but she can't get it because the drug is in such short supply. >> i pray and pray that each day they have it for me. because if i don't have anything to treat the tumor, then what's next. >> reporter: washington hospital center diref
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pharmacy dr. jay barbochi says she is not alone. it's more than 200 drugs on a shortage list right now put out by the food and drug administration. it's a combination of factors contributing to the crisis. >> which range from the availability of raw materials to recalls to business decisions made by pharmaceutical companies to inventory practices that may exist in other pharmacies and hospitals where there may be a sense of a drug shortage and supplies. >> reporter: the mounting problems have prompted president obama to order the fda to take action in three areas. broadened reporting of potential drug shortages, speedup application to change production of those drugs and look at how shortages are leading to i illegal price gouging. one drug being offered at $1,200 a dose. 9news contacted the maker of doxil as well as an industry group to ask what is being done
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about the shortages. the pharmaceutical research and manufacturers of mercury leased this statement. -- america released this statement. it's the cornerstone of our industry. that is why the critically important issue of drug shortages commands our collective attention to ensure patients can access the medicines they need in the most expeditious manner possible. but in the case of doxil, janson announced just this week its third party supplier has suspended production and those who aren't already on a treatment regimen can't count on getting that drug any time soon. >> i don't want to die. i do everything possible that i'm supposed to do to stay alive. and it's just this one drug standing in the middle. in between basically life and death. >> sherry is currently getting the drug avastin to fight the ovarian cancer, but the blood test marker she gets shows the
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tumor growth keeps going up. doxil is really her last hope. well, file up the computer. there is money out there that could be yours. it worked out for kim and angie. they saw their loved ones names on the claim their cash list last week. the sources are kind of endless, and so are the names on our list. so let's get started with the folks in virginia. . >> if you heard your name, go over to your website and learn how to claim it.
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you still want to get to the website because there are thousands of other names on the list. look under your state and we'll be running some of the names throughout our broadcast tonight. you can see them at the bottom of your screen. what i saw today that blew me away was people with convertibles down. >> yes. i wasn't sure it was the weekend. but we are looking at a change. a modified temperatures a little bit. but we're going to go from crazy warm to sort of seasonable quite frankly. let's start with temperatures. it's still in the 60s. are you kidding me. 62 downtown. 61 up in gaithersburg. and in frederick. okay. 59 in fredericksburg. but temperatures as you cross the divide it's just how cold it's going to get. it's 52 there. 63 in cumberland. satellite picture radar combined, most of the showers are staying west of us. we talked about that earlier. and i think most of the showers will stay west of us until dawn or maybe shortly thereafter. so you're all right for another quick walk around the block tonight and early tomorrow morning. but i think if you're west of town, more than likely you're going to have a wet commute
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after about 7:00 a.m. so here is the deal. still breezy and mild. that is the good news for tomorrow. but an umbrella will be needed. so doubt about that. both commutes can be wet. western suburbs can see a morning commute that is wet. and the eastern suburbs can see an evening commute that is wet. and heaviest rainfall between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. that is when most of the concentrated area of rain goes through with the front itself. we're looking at 5:30 in the morning, not too bad. some showers to the north. showers off to the west. especially winchester and culpeper. moves in pretty quickly and right around the lunch hour, either side of the lunch hour, is when we're going to see most of the rain. green moderate to some heavier activity shown up in the yellow towards hagerstown but not a good time to be walking around without the umbrella tomorrow afternoon. by evening everything pushes out quickly as the front rolls through. you will not see clearing out in the west. the rain is going to go to snow actually around oakland and garrett county and tucker county. we'll begin to clear out pretty
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nicely and get colder. tonight mostly cloudy, breezy and mild. a few showers possible by dawn. nothing heavy. had to raise temps five #-60. winds -- 55-60. tomorrow morning mostly cloudy, breezy with showers. nothing until late morning. 50s and 60s. winds southeast at 10-15. by afternoon, mostly breezy, cloudy and mild with mostly showers. winds increase out of the south at about 10-20 and rather gusty. so we'll break it down for you. 55-60 to start. 59-64 by noon. that is when your best chance of any significant rain is going to be. 5:00 stuff is moving out. but we're still pretty mild. 60-65. temps will fall a little bit late in the day. next three days, really if the temperature correction but really it's seasonable. 53 is average. we have been spoiled with temperatures in the low 70s. 52, colder on wednesday. but i'm going to say nice on thursday because, well, sunny and 52 for thursday. the first day of december is a
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pretty good day. next seven days, friday we're in the mid 50s. saturday we have sunshine. also in the mid 50s. redskins in town. 1:00 game. temperatures may be in the upper 50s to near 60. next chance for some rain and showers will be next monday. and even then we're looking at temperatures in the upper 50s. now, i tweeted about something tonight that remember last week i saw the night crawlers, the worms? >> yes. >> sign of spring really. >> yes. >> tonight i saw two big slugs. you just don't see slugs in late part of november. very odd. >> very warm. >> very, very slow start to winter, i think. all right, folks. everybody was saying if the caps had to do something, well, today they did it. the coach bruce boudreau was out. kristen berset will be along to tell us about the new guy in charge at verizon. we'll hear about it.
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well, thanksgiving day 2011 they fired bruce boudreau. almost four years to the day, they say goodbye to gabby and hello to a familiar face. hunter played 12 seasons with the capitals. was the 1997 all star and his
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number 32 jersey hangs from the rafters. he has spent the last 11 seasons coaching in the ontario hockey league, but always stayed a capital at heart. >> we have talked consistently over 12 years. i was always hoping that one day dale could coach the team. timing is everything, and the time is now. >> i like the winter here. and it starts off by making the playoffs and the playoff time. once you get in, anything can happen. >> hunter is probably best remembered for the game seven overtime winner in '88 to send the caps to the playoffs against the flyers. today fans some sporting a number 42 jersey piled in to get a glimpse of a legend and see the start of a new era. >> this was in my opinion a long time coming. i applaud george for making the decision. >> it was a tough day for many of the capital players as well. they worked hard on the ice
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trying to impress their new coach. but afterwards the mood in the locker room was a bit more somber. players seemed to genuinely like boudreau and they recognize all that he did for the franchise. >> i thought we could play better, but it's not up to him to try to motivate guys or to try to inspire guys. as professionals, you're paid to do a job and you come to work every day and you should be giving your best effort all the time. >> despite getting fired, he did a lot for the capitals. he was hired in '07 and became the fastest coach in the nhl to reach 200 wins. he had the best record. and boudreau also led the caps to four straight division titles. they suffered early exits each time, never getting past the second round. the story line is the fact that the redskins is celebrating a victory. their first victory. grossman had one of his best
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games of the season. mike shanahan now says he will remain the starting running back after a big game. it's about time we got some fire under them. and from the grid iron to the hardwood, georgetown hosting iu pui. a dunk here off the pass from thompson. they recorded a career high 14 rebounds and then hollis on the other hand 21 points, 10 boards, georgetown wins big at home 81-58. >> happy fans. >> we'll be back. ♪
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good night, folks. >> good night. letterman is next.
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( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra.


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